Coconut Series
Organic Coconut Oil (500ml)

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

【CEE Orgaic Certificate】 & 【NOP-USDA Certificate】

This premium grade certified organic, virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from freshly harvested coconuts grown on certified organic plantations. The flesh is wet pressed and centrifuged to ensure that the oil is produced without direct heat or chemicals. This ensures that Lord Duke is superior in flavor and texture. It is crystal clear and silky smooth.
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Coconut Oil is ideal to use for cooking as it has a very high smoke point. This means that it can be heated to higher temperatures than most other vegetable oils ensuring that food is cooked faster to maintain nutrients.

- cholesterol Free
- ideal as a skin moisturiser
- use as a luxurious bath oil
- try as a sensual massage oil
- fresh sweet coconut aroma with no burnt/smoked after taste
Brand Name: Lord Duke / OEM
Processing Type: Virgin Cold Press
Purity: 100%
Color: Clear
Place of Original: Thailand
Packaging: Mason Jar / Drum / Plastic Bottle / Customization
Use for: Cooking, Season, Skin Care , Hair Care, etc.
Safety/Quality Approvals
CEE Orgaic Certificate
NOP-USDA Certificate

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