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First Canned Food (Thai)

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First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. Its capital and technology are invested from Taiwan. The current CEO is Mr. Yin-Jun Chen. At first, our main product was coconut toddy. We expanded our products line to coconut and aloe series in 1994 and 1996.

FCF which has own factory and field in Thailand has been engaged in exporting and processing OEM products for over 25 years. Besides, “Miramar”, “KULA” and “Lord Duke” are our own brand. Not only we produce Aloe Vera and Coconut series, but also actively develop Mangosteen, Hibiscus, Tamarind concentrated, various Fruit Juice, Canned Syrup and Sweets.

The company engages over 150 workers including 1/10 QA staffs, and utilizes the latest technology available in the food industry today. Please rest assured our quality meets the international market requirements.

Factory & Production Automation

Production line

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Factory production capacity is around 1,100 containers per year for export overseas. We also have gained a good reputation from our clients in Taiwan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other counties in Europe, Central & South America and Africa. The company generates annual revenues of around US$1,279,000.

First Canned food (Thai) keeps introducing the latest equipment. Dedicate to raising factory automation through cautious plans. Thus, complete the computerization of management data to manage factory and production line in efficient method. It not only can increase productivity effectively, but also save lots of man-power and costs. It can improve the quality and customer service. The most important of all, FCF team can focus on product development.

Our Pride

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Assuring of our quality meeting the international market requirements, we are accredited in ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, HALAL and the latest BRC certifications for our products and factory. Thus, we reach Costco Standard in 2019. We are still engaged in gaining more correlative certificates.

We not only pay attention on the product quality; we also develop ourselves into charity. Giving back to the public is our responsibility. Treat the World better, live in a better World. Treat kindly the Earth is to treat kindly oneself.

FCF Products

Our aloe vera farm

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Mangosteen Supplemental Juice
We supply “Mangosteen Supplemental Juice” in 600ml glass bottle in Taiwan and the material is from our factory in Thailand. Our Mangosteen Supplemental Juice is extracted from the pulp and rind of Mangosteen. The rind of mangosteen is full of Xanthones which is good for health. This drinks not only tasty but also healthy. Because of its health benefits, this product won lots of awards.

Coconut Series
First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd is located in Rajburi, which is in the middle of Thailand and abundant of NAM HOM COCONUT, also as known as fragrant coconut. We use this variety of coconut and make our Coconut Water have rich taste.

Aloe Vera Series
FCF has own Aloe Vera field. We use Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), the best kind of Aloe Vera, to produce all the products, such as, Canned Aloe Vera Dice in syrup, Aloe Vera Drink in can and PET bottle. We also provide Aloe Vera for Raw Material. Our Aloe Vera products are ALOIN FREE!