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Golden Smart for health

Golden Smart

Golden Smart is mixed the extracts of rind of Mangosteen which is full of Xanthones (α-Xones®) and American Ginseng extracts. According to the feedback from our client, sleep problem is improved by taking this product before going to bed. Because of sleeping well, they get more energy and increasing concentration next day.

Moreover, Xanthones is a nature health maintenance material. Our founder learned it from Thai. They do traditional treatment with the ring of mangosteen. We do a lot of efforts in extracting Xanthones (α-Xones®), and we believe that they will be a new trend of Mangosteen and Xanthones (α-Xones®) in health food industry.
Mangosteen is not only delicious but also full of nutrition, Xanthones and other phytonutrients , that demonstrate impressive health benefits.

About Mangosteen :
• found mainly in Southeast Asia and other tropical regions.
• roughly the size of a tangerine—about 2-3 inches in diameter.
• often called the Queen of Fruits. (Queen Victoria gave knighthood to anyone who brought it to her)
• has a bitter, purplish rind full of Xanthones and other phytonutrients.
• has a beautiful, white pulp with 4-8 segments of pure taste-bud bliss.

Although the mangosteen has been touted for its splendid flavor, it has also been suggested that use of the whole mangosteen fruit can promote good health.
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Packing: 0.6g / capsules ; 60 capsules / carton
Usage: 1 capsules after Breakfast and Dinner
Safety/Quality Approvals
Analytical Test Report from ChromaDex Lab.
Mangosteen Supplemental Drink is awarded The Symbol of National Quality and DOH Health Food No.