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Full Sweet Coffee

Full Sweet Coffee

Full Sweet Coffee team has been to Golden Triangle in North Thailand several times. By the topic of Coffee, we start the talk with local people who are retired soldiers with chatting and laughing.

It's used to be Poppy field in Golden Triangle. Similarly, high quality coffee beans also need high altitude and low latitude planting conditions. To change the farmer planting crops there, since 1970s, a series of agricultural projects, to guide the residents of mountainous areas in farming techniques and the introduction of cash crops to improve their lives, have been implemented by Thai Government.

The high-quality Arabica coffee beans produced in the mountains of northern Thailand are a cash crop to be promoted in the plan. Its quality has been loved by consumers in various countries in recent years. Today, the mountainous area of ​​northern Thailand has become a "Golden Triangle" for tourism, and the coffee beans that shine like gems in the northern Thailand are shining.
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Product Name: Full Sweet Coffee
Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans
Coffee Bean Producing Area: Golden Triangle, the northern Thailand
Place of Origin : Taiwan
Product Type: Drip Bag, 230g Coffee Bean, Coffee Green Bean
Safety/Quality Approvals
Each batch passes the Ochratoxin Test / Pesticide Residue Test / Heavy Metal Test